About Us


Design Center was started in 2005 with one focus in mind of ensuring that our clients get quality products that will last them until that next remodel or new property purchase. We understand that in our current business climate options are always important and we have created avenues that will allow shipments of goods to be delivered to freight forwarders in Miami ( FOB ), delivered to the port in St.John’s ( CIF ) and finally retail. With these options available building and budgets are always primary and a true cost can always be achieved.

Great design can be a spiritual experience bringing a state of peace and tranquillity to those experiencing the space. Design Center Antigua brings you the opportunity to change your space and create a sanctuary of art, beauty and elegant design in your home. Our focus on artistic beauty and incredible value has led us to become distributors for the manufacturers of the finest kitchen and bathroom fixtures and some of the highest quality tiles to be found.